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Dandelion Collective LLC is the premier manufacturer and supplier of dandelion paperweights.

The dandelion bloom, with parachute-like seeds, that are about to disperse, was captured in a crystal clear dandelion paperweight. The glass-like half globe, allows the dandelion seed head to be viewed from all sides. Each dandelion seed puff, also known as a dandelion clock, is hand-picked. Due to the nature of the product, each paperweight is unique, with no two being identical, making it a very special gift.

These dandelion paperweights make great additions to museum gift shops including: Botanical Garden Museum Stores, Nature and Science Center Gift Stores, and Arboretum and Garden Gift Shops. Use the following form to request wholesale information and to buy dandelion paperweights in bulk. For UK visitors, go to our DandelionPaperweights.co.uk site.



'A great use for those 'pesky' but beautiful weeds that seem to pop up everywhere!' - Christine Ditzel (Closter, New Jersey)
'A weed is only a weed if you believe it to be.' - Juliana Kintobor (Merrimack, NH)
'Amazing!' - Michael Baran (Homer Glen, IL)
'Awesome!' - Thanh Vo (Calgary, Canada)
'Giving a Taraxacum officinale a home !' - Paul Spencer (Issaquah, WA)
'I am so excited to see it in person!! :)' - Hollie Jean (Madison, WI)
'I can't believe I actually bought a weed!?!' - Raymond Chao (Brooklyn, NY)
'I look at the dandelion weeds in my garden differently now!' - Theo van Dam (Enschede, Netherlands)
'I normally destroy these when I mow the lawn. Suddenly I am immortalizing one?' - David Gaipa (West Orange, NJ)
'It's a gift. Woohoo' - Melanie Osowiec (Toronto , Canada)
'Just gorgeous!!!!' - John J. DiGilio (Chicago, IL)
'Now I'll weeds inside and outside my house!!' - Conor Nolan (Dublin, Dublin)
'One man's weeds are another man's garden.....' - Carol Stauffer-Munekata (Bel Air, MD)
'Paperweights for my paperless office!' - Noel Stave (Minneapolis, MN)
'These look stunning! It's amazing what can be done with something most people just dismiss as a simple weed.' - Jacqueline Geisheimer (Merrimack, NH)
'Weed-tastic!!' - Mike Walters (Glenfield, Leicester, United Kingdom)
'Will take it to Texas with me and remember all the dandelions in Westfield' - Mike Fischette (Westfield, NJ)
'You're never too old to wish upon a dandelion!' - Gayle Talabay (Mckinney, TX)

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